Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Strange Beliefs of Religion denominations

Snake handling to show your faith in God, I find just out there. I am a christian, and I consider my faith to be strong, but I also feel that God gave me enough since not to mess with venomous creatures, isn't that why we have common sense

Can you believe this goes on in United States? I am shocked at this belief.... Don't really have an opinion... just plain speechless.....

Seems to be a common practice up dere in dem  dere hills..... Guess this proves that beliefs are different from place to place..... I am from the south too.... but, have never seen or heard of this until recently......  They call it old time religion..... Maybe I find it strange because I don't understand it.......
I am curious to when and why this ever even started? and if you choose not to handle the snakes in their church what do they think of the members who don't? do they feel that they don't have enough faith in God?
The Mormon's belief on Blacks
I watched this on youtube and thought it was strange enough to add to this blog...
I just can't believe that a religious sect is openly admitting that they are racist.... God we are all equal..... Mormons think that when black people die and if they are believers in God then they will go to heaven as a servant (slaves) how crazy, stupid and ignorant is that.... They have twisted the bible verses around and put them in their other so-called book.
If you don't believe me do your own research......It's crazy
I decided to add this next clip to add some understanding to the mormon's views on blacks. However, I don't feel these men in this video can claim to be full christians with their racist remarks toward the end of the video real chritians do not talk in that manner calling the boys "crackers" however I understand their anger towards them, but christian's are to act according to the word of God, and one of them seem to be a preacher. But needless to say this video still shows the beliefs of the mormon on blacks.

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