Friday, September 28, 2012


I watched this video, and found it to be so strange that I would add it to my blog, I could not imagine keeping my dead loved one for a year or more  living in my home as if they were still alive before burying them. Makes me glad that our rituals pertaining to death is much different.


Another video I decided to add to this blog post, the rituals of Aghori. This video is about 8 minutes long but it is CRAZY. They take the menstrual blood of a female statue and wipe it on themselves. Who in their right mind would wipe blood from a female genitalia on themselves?
They the ash and bones of dead bodies in their rituals..... I know Crazy right? yes I said the same thing. They eat their meals from a human skull ....... and they eat rotting human flesh..... all this while sitting a dead corpse....


This is just proof that people are CRAZY...... but of course they may think we are CRAZY too!!!!!

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