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Ghost or Spirits are always a curiosity of people they want to believe, because that would be proof of life after death and it somewhat comforts us that we or our spirits live on after our physical bodies go back to the earth our souls live on, in a possible spirit world.

There are many people believed to be sensitive toward the spirit world, which means that they attract spirits. I believe this is true, whether you try to be or not. I believe that there is something on the other side and many have had real experiences. From hearing voices of their passed loved ones, to smelling their perfume, to seeing them.  I find this to be so true!!!!

picture of a dark ghostpicture of a ghost in the woods

This picture was found in The Daily Mail, as one of their top paranormal pictures. There was no details pertaining to the picture, but if you look close to the picture that is zoomed in you can see a transparent figure with dark eye watching the little girl on her walk through the woods.

There was no information on the picture above or below.

Many people believe in spirits, many do not. I feel if you believe in God then there has to be life after death. Understanding the spirit world is something we will never understand. Some say spirits are not what they portray themselves that it's the devil,leading us to believe that it is our loved ones etc.
I myself do not understand the spirit world as I feel it was not for us to understand,  and I feel going out meddling in the spirit world could possibly cause problems with the living world.
Now I am not saying that it would just that it could be a possibility, looking at the pictures that people have taken and surprisingly caught something or going out and looking for them, is there choice. I do enjoy looking at them, for it does fascinate me.
This photo was taken by an Indianapolis Star reporter. This is the Nicholson Mansion being moved. In the top window, a little girl can be seen staring out at the workers. They are sure there was no little girl in the house on that day.
In 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother in a British graveyard when she took a picture of her husband, who was waiting alone in the car.

It wasn't until Mrs. Chinnery had the film developed that they realized her husband hadn't been waiting alone after all. The picture shows a person wearing glasses sitting in the back seat, and Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the figure as being her mother -- the mother whose grave she had just visited.

A photographic expert who examined the print determined that the image of the woman was neither a reflection nor a double exposure, even going so far as to stake his reputation on the fact that the picture is genuine.
On November 19, 1995 Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire. The fire raged on all through the night until the building was nothing but rubble. As firefighters battled the flames, a local citizen, Tony O’Rahilly, decided to snap some pictures of the event. In one of his photographs there appears to be the clear image of a little girl standing in front of the inferno. No one remembered a young girl being at the scene and there was definitely not a young girl in the burning building. Some believe this is the ghost of a young girl named Jane Churm who, in 1677, accidentally started a fire that destroyed many homes in the town. Jane also died in the fire.
I know that a lot of pictures can be doctored, I examined these pictures and found them to be real, there are a lot of pictures circulating the web that are not real ghost pictures.

I love to hear stories of people's experience of the spirit world, if you compelled please do so.......


This video looks to be the real thing, it was videoed in the oldest house in St. Augustine Florida.

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